Nazareth Area Food Bank Fighting Hunger... Feeding Hope


Hunger in Nazareth

Hunger in Nazareth is the single grandmother struggling to support three generations, including herself and disabled adults.

Hunger in Nazareth is the young couple coping with unemployment, rising housing and fuel costs while trying to feed two kids.

Hunger in Nazareth is the aged widow who needs basic non-perishable food items to supplement her meager monthly allowance.

List of needed non-perishables that are staple food items for our clients (No outdated or open jars or boxes, please!):

Canned beans: baked / butter beans / red beans / black beans, 15 oz.

Canned fruit: mixed, peaches, pineapple, applesauce, 15 oz.

Canned vegetables: corn, peas, green beans, potatoes, mixed, 15 oz.

Canned tomatoes: diced, stewed, sauce, 15 oz.

Canned tuna, 5 oz.

Canned meat: Spam, ham or chicken, 12 oz.

Spaghetti sauce,  26 oz. jar or can

Peanut butter, 18 oz.

Jelly, 18 oz.

Spaghettios / Raviolios, 15 oz.

Canned stew, chili or 'Sloppy Joe' mix, 15 oz.

Canned soups: large, 18 - 19 oz.,  and small, 10 1/2 - 11 oz.

Canned gravy or broth, 14 - 15 oz.

Boxed dry spaghetti/linguini, 1 lb.

Pasta : elbows, rigatoni, shells, etc., 1 lb.

Boxed instant mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, 12 - 13 oz.

Boxed cereal or oatmeal, 14 - 18 oz.

Macaroni & cheese, 7 1/4 oz.

Boxed brown or white rice, 14 oz.

Hamburger Helper or pasta sides, 4 - 6 oz.

Bags of noodles, 1 lb.